With Skimundi you can safely book ski lessons with one of the partner ski schools or ski rentals in the Alpes. Skimundi is a platform that makes it possible to in an easy and convenient way book a ski lesson at one of our partners.

Our mission is to give you a safe, fun and secure ski holiday.

To order, you only have to go through 3 simple steps:

1) Find your destination

Search and find the perfect destination for you and your family. Find a location that you would really like to travel to. Skimundi has over 30+ partners in the best destinations in the Alpes. We offer ski lessons in 4 different countries and are growing every day.

2) Order

  • On the product page, you have to identify the ski course that you would like to book depending on the level, duration and timeslot.
  • You can then select the starting day of the course.
  • Once you have added the product to your shopping cart, you can add ski rentals to your packages to make you ski experience as easy and simple as possible.
  • On the next page you will have an overview of your order.
  • After entering your contact information you will be asked to add information about each participants that will make use of the ski lessons and ski rentals. This information will be used by the Skimundi partners to allocate the participants to the right ski lesson group and for the ski rentals to be able to prepare the equipment prior to your arrive and reduce the overall time you will spend at the shop.

3) Receive your confirmation

After your booking you will receive a confirmation in the form of a voucher by e-mail. Please print out the voucher and hand it to the skischool/skirental at your destination.

The meeting time and meeting point are also clearly stated on the voucher to make sure you know where you have to go on your first day.

We wish you a safe, fun and secure ski holiday! That's it - if you have a questions, please consult our FAQ.

See you on the slopes! :)