FAQ Ski School

What is Skimundi?

Skimundi is a booking platform that enables you to quickly and easily book quality ski lessons and ski equipment for your ski holiday in the alps.

The team behind Skimundi has more than 25 years of experience in the ski industry and knows exactly what it takes to turn a good ski holiday into a great one!

How do I book ski lessons?

We have made it as simple as possible to book ski lessons. You start off by selecting a destination and a start date on the front page. Afterwards we will match you with one of our carefully selected partners that offers suitable ski lessons and ski equipment that you can then choose from. Once you have selected your products you will be asked to enter information about the different participants. The final step is entering your payment- and customer information and then you are done!

What happens after I have placed my booking?

As soon as you have finished the booking process you will receive your order confirmation including a list of the participants you have registered via email. Please print it out and bring it to your ski lesson or to the ski rental when picking up your equipment.

At the same time we will log your booking in our system and forward it to the ski school and/or the ski rental.

How do I find my ski instructor/receive my skis upon arrival?

On your booking confirmation you will find the exact location of the ski school and the ski rental as well as the duration of the booking, the meeting time and the contact information. Just go to the listed address and show your booking confirmation and they will tell you exactly where to meet your ski instructor!

How can I be sure that my instructor speaks English?

If you want an English speaking instructor, make sure to pick a product marked “English Language Guarantee”. When booking a course with English language guarantee, we will reserve the an English speaking instructor for your child. The amount of English courses are limited and are therefore mainly reserved for children.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes! When you book your course you can buy a cancellation insurance that enables you to cancel up to 7 days before.

What happens if I do not show up?

Your booking is only valid for the time indicated on the booking confirmation. We cannot refund your lesson if you fail to show up. It lies in your responsibility to adhere to the meeting times.

Is it possible for me to extend my ski lesson once I have started my lesson?

If you want to extend your ski lesson once you have started it, just talk to your ski instructor and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.

Whom should I contact, if i am unsatisfied with the service provided by the partner?

In case you are not satisfied with the service provided to you by one of our partners, it is important to inform our partner as soon as possible. This way we can ensure that the problem is identified and taken care of immediately. Our partners are responsible for the quality of the skiing lessons and the rented equipment and therefore any questions concerning these issues should be directed at them as Skimundi only acts as an intermediary.

However we will ALWAYS be happy to hear from you and to assist you in any way we can, whether you have faced any problems or challenges or just have general feedback for us. We continuously assess all our partners and we believe that you can always improve - not just at skiing! :)

Is there any way I can work as a skiing instructor at one of your partner ski schools?

If you have already undergone ski instructor training, please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities. If you have not, but you still want to become a ski instructor, please visit Snowminds!

FAQ Ski Rental

Why should I book rental skis online?

Every component of a ski holiday should be fun and enjoyable. If you reserve your equipment online prior to your stay you are able to minimize the time you have to spend at the ski rental store and have an overall less complicated process.

How do I choose the date for my first day of rental?

The date chosen in the reservation system is the pick up date for the equipment. For example: If your 1st day of rental is the 14th of February, you will then be able to pick up the equipment the morning of the 14th. – Please note the opening hours of your ski rental store.

How do I choose the date for my last day of rental?

The date chosen in the reservations system should be your last skiing day; you can return the equipment the next morning before 10 am. For example: If the last day of rental is the 12th February, the customer can return the equipment on the 13th February before 10 am.

Is it possible to rent only skis / snowboards?

Yes, in the list of products you will see different products. By checking off “Skis & poles” you will only pay for the skis or board. If you also check off boots, you will receive a package discount.

Is it possible to rent only ski / snowboard boots?

Yes, in the list of products you will see different packages. A full package will provide you with skis / snowboard, and the boots. If you would like to rent only the ski / snowboard boots you can do so by booking a "boots only" package.

Do I need to book ski poles seperately?

Ski poles are always included with the skis. Whenever you reserve a pair of skis you will automatically reserve a pair of ski poles with it.

I made a mistake when giving my size/height/weight: What should I Do?

Our rental partners’ stock is large and sufficiently diverse in sizes and heights to equip all our customers without problems. You can send us a message to [email protected] with your booking reference, the name of the person in question and the new size/height/weight. Your comfort and safety is our priority. You won't have to pay any unexpected fees at the store, if the category of the equipment you need matches the category of the gear you booked. However, if you chose the wrong category, the rental shop may ask you to pay a surcharge at the store.

Is helmet rental included in the childrens' packages?

This will depend on the ski rental partner in the destination. When the helmet is included in the package it will be explicitly stated.

Is the shop open on Sunday morning? What are the shop's opening and closing hours?

Skimundi’s partners themselves determine their business hours. You will find all the relevant information in your booking confirmation.

I haven’t received / I lost my voucher; what should I do?

You can reprint your voucher from the email you have received.

Can you guarantee me the availability of a ski in the quality category that I have booked?

Yes, We ensure that you will receive a ski in the quality category that you have booked.

Did you not find an answer to your question? Contact us!

You are always welcome to contact us by using the chat in the bottom right corner. We strive to answer within 24 hours.