Zell am Ziller - world's biggest Schnitzel and more!

17 October 2019

Together with our partner ski school Skischule Pro Zell, Skimundi ensures British families a safer and more enjoyable ski holiday in Zell am Ziller. Book Ski school in Zell am Ziller through Skimundi and benefit from the guarantee of a well-trained, English speaking instructor. Besides helping with skiing, an English speaking instructor can also answer practical questions regarding the village of Zell am Ziller and the resort itself.

We asked one of our instructors, Victoria, why Zell am Ziller is the perfect ski resort for families and kids. Victoria became a ski instructor back in November 2015 and has since also taught skiers in Australia!

In your opinion, why is Zell am Ziller such a family-friendly ski resort?

Zell am Ziller is the perfect resort for families and kids because it has everything! There’s more than just black slopes for experts and it’s always possible to find a blue kids-friendly slope. Besides that, it’s common to have the kids in ski school while you ski by yourself and develop your own technique. The ski school in Zell am Ziller has a big focus on the first skiing experience. Our job as ski instructors is to teach the kids how to ski but also to ensure that they have a good, fun and unique experience. The ski instructors do not only receive technical training from the ski school, but are also being trained in teaching so that they can make the skiing experience as good as possible for all the guests.

Why is Zell am Ziller such a kids-friendly resort?

In Zell am Ziller there is a Restaurant that serves the biggest Wienerschnitzel in the world (Austrian traditional dish). This will always be a fun and delicious experience for the whole family, since kids generally love to be served such huge amounts of food.

"Ziller" offers something for every age group. The terrain is very variable, and both kids, teenagers and adults will find something for their taste.

Which weekly activities and events are arranged by the ski school?

Every week a raceday is organized. Usually it’s at the end of the week. Participating here is a great opportunity for the parents, to see how their kids have developed their technique during their time in the ski school. We are very serious about organizing this day and the kids tend to love it! They are always impressed by all the medals and the stage they are up on.

Tips and tricks for the ski holiday in Zell am Ziller?

A good tip would be to spend the first day with the kids. Often they need to get the technique refreshed or get used to the feeling of snow again. Another good tip would be to not be too "over-protective". The kids will be fine! We are trained to take care of them and the most important thing is that they remember to listen to us. Third tip: since Zell am Ziller is connected to two other big mountains, you should either take the ski bus or ski all the way to get the fullest out of your ski pass. Last tip is to try out the good restaurants with fair prices that are located in Zell am Ziller.

Three "must do" experiences in Zell am Ziller?

  1. Schnitzel Hut: Here you’ll receive the world's biggest Wienerschnitzel which I can tell you is really big! Apart from them being huge they taste heavenly good as well!

  2. Rodel bahn: We have two different tobogganing runs here in Ziller. One of them is next to the gondola and the other one is a smaller, more kids-friendly version. Definitely something to try for people from all ages. The runs are pretty similar to the rollercoasters of an amusement park, but instead here you are sliding through trees and the wilderness. The more extreme version is a 7 kilometers long slide which is much appreciated by the older kids.

  3. The well-known Austrian après-ski. Normally people would think that après-ski is something you can’t do as a family. In Ziller, a great opportunity for the family is “Tuxa” where they play real Tyrolian music - but not too loud. When the sun is out you should definitely try “Jogglkessl” and grab a deckchair and let the kids enjoy the snowy surroundings.

As a former instructor in Zell am Ziller, would you recommend the destination for a holiday?

Zell am Ziller has a 100% real, idyllic Austrian culture! If you wish a skiing holiday where both youngsters and parents can romp, Ziller is the perfect choice. The village, slopes and terrain are suitable for all ages and levels of skiing.

If you wish to make your skiing holiday more safe, fun and secure for the whole family, book ski school in Zell am Ziller at Skimundi.

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