Obergurgl is a high-altitude ski paradise!

25 September 2017

Each year British families are instructed by ski- and snowboard instructors through Skimundi. One of the advantages of booking ski school in Obergurgl with Skimundi, is having a high qualified English speaking ski- or snowboard instructor. By ensuring your children of having an instructor that speaks their native language, you provide them with a comfortable and safe start of their ski holiday. We asked one of our best instructors in Obergurgl, Jacob why Obergurgl is a desirable resort for families. Jacob has been educated through Snowminds and became a ski instructor back in November 2015.

In your opinion, why is Obergurgl such a family-friendly ski resort?

Obergurgl is a nice place for families, mainly because of the snow security and the many skiing possibilities in the area. In addition to this there also is a big variation of hotels and wonderful restaurants in the town.

Why is Obergurgl often seen as a kids-friendly resort?

The older kids are usually enormously thrilled to ride the fun park, that has challenges for all ages and levels. Another activity that is popular among the kids, is riding the snow train which brings them safe from the slope to lunch and back again. Further the ski school also arranges a night show once a week. At the end of the week all kids get the opportunity to join a race, where they ski down the racetrack in front of a big audience, and are able to show their parents how much they’ve learned during the week. The raceday is ended with an award ceremony, where everyone receives a medal.

Which weekly activities and events are arranged by the ski school?

There’s the big ski show during the night, where the kids can spot their favorite ski instructor. Besides this it’s also really popular to take a daytrip to Hochgurgl. Here they can sign up for a race as well (against payment), regardless of if they are in ski school or not.

Tips and tricks for the ski holiday in Obergurgl?

When you’re going to Obergurgl, I would definitely recommend eating at Hohe Mut Alm on the top of the mountain. Especially when the weather is good this is a lot of fun! From there you’ll find the best view and if you don’t feel like skiing that day, you can just take the gondola back down again.

Three "must do" experiences in Obergurgl?

Number one is as earlier mentioned the Hohe Mut Alm. When you’ve got a “blue bird”, amazing weather in the mountains, there’s nothing like sitting in a sun-chair enjoying a cold ski wasser, and watching the kids play in the snow.

Secondly I would say visiting the Nederhütte is a must-do. Here you should definitely try going if you need a break from skiing. It is most popular to sit here when the sun is shining and is optimally enjoyable by having some of the great food they serve, or with a cup of the best warm chocolate in the area.

Lastly I want to mentioned Hochgurgl again as it houses Top Mountain Star, which is the highest point in the entire area, and Top Mountain Crosspoint is located there as well. This is a restaurant and a motorcycle museum in one, which is undoubtedly fun to visit. Like these two reasons weren’t enough, there also are many good pistes and a smaller funpark at Hochgurgl.

As a former instructor in Obergurgl, would you recommend the destination for a holiday?

In my opinion the area is very suited to make a lot of progress, since there is a huge variation of slopes, ranging from the easiest blue pistes to challenging black slopes. The ski school is well organized and consists of many friendly instructors from all over the world. On top of this Obergurgl is a town with a high altitude, located at 1900 meters above sea level, and because of this never disappoints snow-wise.

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