Kitzbühel is a charming, world-class skiresort

04 October 2017

Each year, many British tourists and families are taught and instructed by ski- and snowboardinstructors through Skimundi. The advantages of booking ski school in Kitzbühel with Skimundi, is having the guarantee of a highly qualified, English speaking instructor. By booking an instructor before arrival, you will have a more safe, fun and secure skiing experience.

We asked one of our competent instructors in Kitzbühel, Karoline, why Kitzbühel is an obvious destination for families. Karoline is a ski instructor through Snowminds and did her education as an instructor back in November 2015.

What makes Kitzbühel such a family friendly resort?

To me, Kitzbühel's unique combination as a beautiful Austrian town as well as a world famous ski resort, makes it an ideal spot for families. With a large year-round population, every local has their own spot in the town, be it the golfcourse, the gym or the mountain bike trail! With great skiing, but also a ton of other activities to do, Kitzbühel is suited to families on all budgets. With 250 instructors, the ski school, 'Rote Teufel' ('red devil' in german), is focused on teaching children and giving private lessons. Each week several activites take place: Tuesday is 'Crazy Helmet day' for the kids while Thursday and Friday are racing days for both kids and adults. Rote Teufel's mascot, the red devil shows up and awards every participant with a medal in the award ceremony.

What do the kids enjoy about Kitzbühel?

Our waterpark and spa center is very popular amongst adults and kids alike. You can enjoy the facilities like sauna, massage and spa after a long day in ski school. The kids are supervised by a lifeguard at the waterslides and swimming pools, so no worries!

Which weekly activities are arranged by the ski school?

It's always a tradition that the instructors dress up during the carnival in February. The kids love it and the atmosphere is amazing. On 'Crazy Helmet day' it's always exciting to see how creative the kids have been the evening before. Gummibears all over the helmet is always a winner - even when all the gummibears have mysteriously disappeared by the end of the day :)

Tips&tricks for the family enjoying Kitzbühel?

The infrastructure in Kitzbühel is good. All hotels are centrally located and often close to a bus stop. Parents can enjoy their evening at 'The Londoner' and sing karaoke every wednesday or participate in open mic at 'El Dorados' every second wednesday. Restaurant 'Landhaeusl', situated in town, is very famous for its 'Wienerschnitzl' but you need to be early with your table reservation - sometimes a year in advance. Ask your ski instructor if he/she can reserve a table for you, and then you might have a chance of skipping the line ;)

Three "must-do" experiences in Kitzbühel?

Kitzbühel's skiing terrain is packed with local and authentic restaurants. Enjoy a homemade pizza from the stone oven at Berggasthof Tirol, a spaghetti with massive shrimps at the Steinbergkogel restaurant and finally the famous Wienerschnitzel at Restaurant Hoch Kitz at the top of the Hahnenkamm gondola. Hoch Kitz is open until 11 pm once a week, so it's an amazing opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Kitzbühel by night. After a long day of skiing, head to the 'Aquaarena' and enjoy a spa and massage while charging up for the next day of skiing. There is also the Mercedes Benz Sportspark, where you can challenge yourself with indoor climbing or watch Kitzbühel's local ice hockey team, 'Die Adler' (The Eagles), play a match. It's a wonderful experience to watch the massive support and cheering from the Austrian crowd.

As a former ski instructor, would you recommend Kitzbühel?

Kitzbühel offers something for everyone because of the diversity in town and many activities aside from skiing. Families with younger and older children alike with leave at the end of the holiday with a smile on their face and a suitcase full of happy memories. To me, Kitzbühel is the perfect Austrian skiing paradise!

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