On skiing holiday with the family in Werfenweng

12 September 2017

Every year Skimundi sends families to Werfenweng to be instructed by our well-trained English speaking instructors. Booking ski school in Werfenweng can lead to many benefits and especially the kids will benefit as it increases their safety and confidence. The parents will also gain from an English speaking instructor as it’s easier to ask about the specific resort, village, slopes and other practical information that all in all will make the holiday a better and more memorable experience.

We asked one of our skilled instructors, Robert why Werfenweng is the best choice for families. Robert has been educated through Snowminds and became a ski instructor back in November 2015.

In your opinion, what makes Werfenweng a family-friendly resort?

The ski school in Werfenweng has developed slopes specifically for kids. The most characteristic of these being the magical forest with smurfs where kids can ski through. Then there also is a “Wellenbahn” which has a lot of bumps and jumps, also designed explicitly for children. At the start of the week the local mascot visits the ski school , which always is much appreciated by everyone. To close the week a race is organized where all kids and parents are invited to participate. After the race an award ceremony is hosted and the atmosphere here tends to be amazing.

Three "must do" experiences in Werfenweng?

Drink a 'skiwasser' or a 'glühwein' at the restaurant on top of the Dorfbahn gondola. It's called Auszeit and the view towards Hochkönig is spectacular, with the sight over many small mountains. They have some pictures on their Facebook. The après ski can also be enjoyed at the bottom of the Dorfbahn gondola. The music is typical Austrian, the staff is nice and you will definitely find a couple of instructors here and you might even stumble across the mayor of Werfenweng himself.

Tips&tricks for a family skiing holiday in Werfenweng?

If you wish to dine with the locals, head to Stroblhaus which is a small tree cabin in the shadow of a huge hotel. The music mainly consists of Austrian cover songs of classic hits from The Beatles and other great bands. When you see the way the place is set up, you won’t doubt that you are in Austria for a second. On top of this the restaurant regularly accompanies the bill with a small schnapps.

Children always like to decorate their own pizzas at “Chilis”, where they can tick off all the ingredients they want on the menu card, to create the original pizza that they wish to have.

My personal favourite non-skiing activity in Werfenweng is sledging down the tobogganing course at the Dorfbahn gondola, during nighttime! Sledges can be rented at Sport Alpin just below the gondola’s bottom entrance point. The course is open about three times a week and multiple persons are able to sit on a single sledge. One thing I would advise, is to remember your helmets! :)

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