Wagrain is the perfect place for kids

03 October 2019

Each year, British ski tourists and families are taught and instructed by ski- and snowboard instructors through Skimundi. One of the advantages of booking ski school in Wagrain with Skimundi is having a high qualified English speaking ski- or snowboard instructor. By ensuring your children of having an instructor that speaks their native language, you provide them with a comfortable and safe start of their ski holiday.

We asked one of our instructors, Mads, why Wagrain is the perfect ski resort for families, and then especially for when these have younger children in them.

In your opinion, why is Wagrain such a family-friendly skiresort?

Wagrain’s ski school is doing a great job in providing superior courses for both kids and adults, but their main focus lies on teaching children. With having said that, I don’t believe that there is a resort in Austria that is more focused on instructing kids than Wagrain is. The town is pretty quiet, but also has several activities to offer. Spending a night at the cosy “Riverside” is often much appreciated by the whole family.

Why is Wagrain such a kids-friendly resort?

The kids in Wagrain are usually really happy about the slopes and quickly develop their skiing technique, so that they can go on to the more difficult slopes. For the kids it’s always amazing to tell their friends back home that they’ve skied on a red slope. Fortunately the terrain in Wagrain makes it possible for every kid to do so, since the slopes are made in such a way that you don’t have to be a ski champion to ski them all.

Which kind of weekly activities and events does the ski school arrange?

Two things that the ski school lays great emphasis on, is that all kids should have a fun and safe skiing experience. In addition to this they try to create as much challenges as possible, for those that for example, are too young to ski off piste. Then there also is a race which is hosted on a weekly basis, and here the children are able to show everything they have learned during their course.

Tips and tricks for the ski holiday in Wagrain?

To start with I recommend that you’ll sign your kids up for ski school as it gives them a great opportunity to meet new friends and improve their skiing techniques. Secondly I would advise that you try and explore every bit of the resort, as it ranges really wide and has so many slopes to offer. People regularly only stay on the most nearby pistes, which is a pity because some of the best ones lay a bit further out.

At the end of the day it’s a good idea to go downtown and catch a meal. Even if you’re not going out for food, it’s nice to walk through the center and experience the Austrian atmosphere. Lastly grab a beer at the before mentioned “Riverside” and enjoy the company of some of the locals, like Sean and Peter who are working there.

Three must-do’s in Wagrain?

Try getting a draft beer and a good meal at a restaurant called Hubertus. If this doesn’t suit you, you should try going to Almonte. This also is a restaurant, but here they are a little more focused on their dishes, and on top of that they also offer non-Austrian food for the people that would like try to something else.

The last recommendation obviously being after-ski, I actually advise against what most would suggest, going to Kunsthall. Instead visit Kühberg which is a bit smaller and therefore also cosier and more lively. This is the place where all ski instructors will hang around and most likely invite you to join the polonaise, while listening to live music.

If you wish to make your skiing holiday more safe, fun and secure for the whole family, book ski school in Wagrain at Skimundi.

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